Anonymous asked:
Jes, I have a girl who is interested in hooking up with you. I'm going to fly her out from Colorado. Let me know when you're down. ;-) Besos!

My name isnt Jes…

Anonymous asked:
How'd you get into your double life?

I was honestly just bored and looking for something to spice up my life.

Anonymous asked:
Roses are Red, Violets are Blue. You make funny noises, when I go down on you.
Anonymous asked:
then after leaving you panting beneath me id hold you down as i rub just the tip of me head on your pussy driving you insane with anticipation and making you beg for me to fuck you hard then id slowly slide myself into you inch by inch before fucking you as hard as possible making you cum all over my dick multiple times leaving you completely exhausted with each orgasm

Teasing my soaked pussy like that isn’t very nice.

Anonymous asked:
I take my time building you up. Get you face down on the covers with your ass in the air. Slowly fuck you from behind, working that spot that feels so good. Would you object to my thumb gently stroking your slick asshole til we both come?

No objections whatsoever.

Anonymous asked:
can i go down on you? slowly lick by lick send waves of ectacy though your body as you get wetter and wetter each second until your grabbing my head pushing me further into you squeezing my head with your thighs feeling your body move in rhythm until i feel your clit pulsating on my tongue as i go faster and faster and hearing your moans get louder as you cum so hard ;)

Do you really need to ask? I’d love feeling your tongue on my clit as you made me wiggle beneath you. My little pussy would probably be dripping wet, fully ready for your cock. My hands and mouth would be eagerly searching for your cock; growing more anxious by the second.

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