Anonymous asked:
$25 for a blow job?


enzovito asked:
hey what's upp? how ya been? been a while yo.

I’ve been very good. How have you been?

custom-cut-deactivated20130817 asked:
Do it! But on a day that you feel powerful. A day when nothing can harm you and you just feel great.

do what?

Anonymous asked:
Post a picture of yourself?

Cant, sorry. Maybe i’ll post a pic of my body at some point, but i’m undecided.

justlilfun-deactivated20120108 asked:
i could take you anywhere anytime? even in the changing room of saks fifth?

yes. kind of funny you said that, i had a dream last night that i met a guy at saks &he fucked me in the changing room.

justlilfun-deactivated20120108 asked:
would you wear them in the bedroom with the lace lingerie and bvlgari diamond/platinum necklace i bought you too?

yes, and whatever else you wanted.

justlilfun-deactivated20120108 asked:
if i bought you louboutin heels and took care of you in the bedroom, how would you return the favor?

uhm never leave you? haha, i’d pretty much do whatever the fuck you wanted. i have a weakness for louboutins.