This reminds me of dirty dancing<3

As you get warmed up, my hands explore your sexy, smooth, curvaceous body. Loving every second of it, when they discover your soft perky breasts. I cup and squeeze them, gently at first but my sexual hunger soon causes me to get up from my meal and impale you with my stiff throbbing cock. The tightness i feel makes me roughly grab your bouncing tits and suck passionately on them. [by the way we have done a little bit of "talking" before, but i'm the forgiving type for such a pretty lady ;) ]

We have? I’m sorry, my memory is so gone. Usually I recognize people by their profile picture so maybe that’s the problem. Have you changed it recently?

Okay, thanks :) Oh, how are you?

I’m fine. About to go pass out.(: How are you?

What was the title? I would love to check it out.

I dont recall, look it up on IMBD. She played a prostitute, it was good.

For some reason, i find this photo adorable.

I know what you mean. I mean, not only is she beautiful and sexy, but she is a good actress, and she is just so kick ass. :)

Yeah, i saw an indie film she was in and was happily surprised.

not gonna lie, Sasha is my favorite porn star. :D

Mine too! Shes gorgeous! Love to spend the night with her.