misterbubblez-deactivated201207 asked:
I'd eat your pretty pink pussy breakfast, lunch and dinner. holding on to your curvy hips, tongue tracing up and down the lips then inside for a taste of deliciousness.

Mmm wow you sound like an amazing lover. Why haven’t i heard from you previously?

quitecliterally-darling asked:
Does your name have to do with your sexual orientation?

No, I’m not bi sexual. To me, being bi means that you can love a girl and I can’t. I would mess around with a girl and find the female body beautiful, but I’d never date one. I’m not saying it’s wrong to be bi or lesbian, I’m just not. So no, it has nothing to do with my name.

bareskinappreciation asked:
Let's play. :]


Play with me?

Send me some naughty messages?