babycarrot34-deactivated2012010 asked:
thanks for following :)

no problem.(:

jimiintheskywithdiamonds asked:
Have you added me yet school girl? ;) Jimiinthesky xx

i’m not adding you. i’m not sure what gave you the impression i would.

adrtymnd asked:
god i just want to grab your big tits, push them together hard until it hurts just right, and shove my dick between them so you feel me throbbing, bloated and stiff full of cum. gchat me? drtymnddrtymind at gmail ... or let me know your preferred medium

Mmmm yummy i’d love to have you shower me with your cum.(; & there is NO preferred medium, sorry.

Anonymous asked:
would you eat me out? mmmmmm

I certainly would(;

videoftheday asked:
I really need to fuck you.. I just wanna lay you down and slide my rock hard dick inside you till you scream in pleasure then right when your about to cum im gonna pull out and tease your clit till you beg me to cum on my dick.. then I shove it back in and we both cum together. If that turns you on msg me back :)

I’m literally soaked right now(; yummy, total turn on.

misterbubblez-deactivated201207 asked:
It would be a shame if you didn't cum as well. Those lips of yours are in need of some attention. Swollen and wet, just begging for it. May I?

They’re always begging for attention. You most certainly may.

Anonymous asked:
Curvy or fat?

Well I have a flat stomach and D tits so you decide.

Anonymous asked:
I am so fucking horny right now. Wanna help me with this big hard dick?

I’d love to(:

nowitsaquietriot asked:
hey babe how can i talk dirty to u if i can't see what you look like?

I’m 5’3, dark reddish hair, curvy, full lips, and green eyes. Now what would you like to do to me?(;

curlyfuck asked:
i would love too fill your pussy with cum

;) I’d enjoy feeling it pour out of my little pussy

jimiintheskywithdiamonds asked:
mm fuck your blog is hot ;) are you online schoolgirl? I think you need detention.

:) thank you, I’m always in need of a nice, hard, detention.

Anonymous asked:
hey baby, are you horny?


adrtymnd asked:
Are you online now? Would love to chat sometime if you're up for it.

I sorta am haha. We can chat if you want to I just may not respond immediately