tardisimpalatimelord asked:
HEY HEY, I resent your statement. I'm skinny as a stick (as my friends say) and io got D's. so yeah it can be pulled off :P

yeah, well that makes you the 1% of assholes in the world.

therealtao asked:
Goddess, what do you look like? Are you dominant?

I’m 5’3, green eyes, very curvy, redish/brown hair, full lips. Certainly not some kind of stick figure…that would be hard to pull off with my boobs. I am dominant as an individual, but during sex i’m submissive.

Anonymous asked:
you claim to be an 18 year old female. but you most definitely can be a 40 year old man since you are "anonymous." I wonder if everyone realizes this.

Haha I see no reason for a 40y old man to be on tumblr. I have a young, tight, pussy and boobs as well, promise.

"i have no life, besides school. miss you guys! trying to post as often as i can.<3"