adrtymnd asked:
mmmmmmfff i just want you to ride me while you smother my face in your tits. leave me something dirty, yourself!

it’s saying the url cannot be found

adrtymnd asked:
and on another note: yes, you do, but you better be ready for some serious hair pulling as i shove your head down on my cock.

Roughness is always something I enjoy.(;

adrtymnd asked:
"what men desire is a virgin who is a whore." - i googled to see if there was an edward dahlbert, but it looks like the name really only comes up when attributing that quote.

I found it on the Internet while I was browsing one day, it’s one of my favorite quotes.

adrtymnd asked:
i want to put your legs on either side of my neck, then tie them down to my shoulders. i want my face forcibly buried in that cunt until you're too exhausted to cum any more.

Mmm…sounds yummy. Do I get the same? Do I get to blow you for long periods of time?

adrtymnd asked:
also, please excuse the pedantry, but is it dahlberg?

dahlberg? I’m not following…

topjames asked:
I'm sure you're very good at your job. But imagine how good you could have been if you'd been training intensively for it every day for say 5 years....

This isn’t my job, it’s just a way to get through college.

justanotherdayinthelifeofsam asked:
ah sounds familiar. Same here really. :)

Yeah :(

Anonymous asked:
hmmm. Don't post, write me back in my ask. Wanna talk dirty?

how am i supposed to write back in your ask when youre anonymous?

justanotherdayinthelifeofsam asked:
we haven't talked in a while, how are you? :D

I’m okay(: crazy busy with school. You?

Anonymous asked:
Can you post some anonymous pics of yourself?

Well, I get asked this alot and to be honest I’ve thought about it. I always have the same conclusion though; a pic of my face is too much info and a pic of my naked body isn’t something I want on the Internet. Sorry guys.