enzovito asked:
what kind of math? calculus? i can help you out if youd like

Yes, but I’m fine just stressed because there’s always so much to do. I’m actually pretty smart when I put forth the effort.(:

navyalp asked:
lol. So what dirty stuff do you like to do? ;)

Haha a little bit of everything

Anonymous asked:
I know and I said as much. I said "all people see here is an 18 year old piece of ass" because you post sexual things. Not to mention your little about me blurb being about a double life and filling your pussy with cum. I said I didn't know if you were sought after in real life but that you probably were. The only quality being represented here is that your like to fuck. No idea what other qualities you may or may not have.

True. I doubt anyone would be interested though, if it were more about me.

Anonymous asked:
I don't know if you are or not. You post about sex and you're an 18 year old female. That's all anyone see's here just and 18 year old piece of ass. Whether you're sought after in real life for who you are I don't know, probably.

Well theres much more to a person then just being a ‘piece of ass.’

Anonymous asked:
I miss your blog. Do you have skype we can still chat anonymously? Thinking about going marines. ROTC pays for school. How was your day? Classic entertainment. It's reading like a 13 year old's infatuation with a girl he desperately wants.

My day has been fine. Haha, I didn’t realize I was something so sought after.

navyalp asked:
Trust me I don't

:) good!